Knitting Abbreviations and Terms for Beginners and Experts in Knitting

Knitting Abbreviations and Terms for Beginners and Experts in Knitting – If you knit, then you have probably run into all sorts of abbreviations, especially from knitting patterns. Some of those knitting abbreviations, like K for knit, and P for purl are rather obvious indicators of what to do at any given moment, other abbreviations might not be so easy to figure out.

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There are, however, many more knitting abbreviations that you should know if you knit as a hobby, and especially if you use knitting to make money.

When you are beginning to learn the art of knitting then it is a very good idea (so you wont get confused) to write what the abbreviations mean in a full word. After you print out a pattern, you can write in the margin, as a full word, what the knitting abbreviations mean. Use our site here to decipher all the knitting abbreviations you come across while looking at your knitting pattern.

We will help you to become an expert with knitting abbreviations and we will make it easy for you to read any knitting pattern you might come across. Also in the knitting forums you will be an expert, knowing all the knitting terms and abbreviations. And for all the expert knitting fans out there, we are the resource to come back regularly and check for news about knitting, double-check those one missing knitting abbreviation you forgot or just to look for some new knitting patterns.

If you did not just start knitting today then you probably already know, or should, YO’s and PSSO’s, but what about OTN? As in, ‘what WIP have you got OTN?’ How many WIP’s have you got going at one time? Do you like to complicate your life and have at least 3 or 4 going at one time?

What about that poor UFO sitting there in the corner, unloved and un-knitted? Did you run into a problem with the DPN’s and don’t know what to do? Or did the pattern say to go TBL or YON and you don’t really know how to do that yet!

Do you know that there are TOAD’s in the knitting world as well? No, not the amphibious types that you have to touch, the other ones. Probably too much FROG -ing involved, and you just wanted to give up.We know how that feels, we have been there too.

The next time you are in the LYS looking for the MC for your next project, choose yarn that is easy to work with so you don’t spend all your time TINK -ing.  Yes, you read correctly, not ‘thinking’, that’s just par for the course.

Knitting AbbreviationsSo, before we let you explore our site about knitting abbreviations and terms, let us give you some more examples of common abbreviations. DPN is a double-pointed needle, UFO means unfinished object, WYIF is with yarn in front, so WYIB is ……., YON means yarn over needle, KIP is knitting in public, TBL is through the back loop, while OTN is on the needle. MC is main color and WIP means, you knew that, work in progress . LYS is your local yarn store, and the dreaded TOAD is trashed object abandoned in disgust! And to FROG is to rip it, rip it, rip it! Which leaves TINK, and that is knit simply spelled backwards, so it’ means un-doing all your knitting.

And last but not least you will also get some of the basic understanding of knitting like, reading patterns, understanding yarn and wool weights as well as needle sizes. The best idea is to get a free an easy knitting pattern with some simple stitches like your 2 basic stitches, Purl and Knit, and start to follow the pattern instructions. Now that you know all the knitting abbreviations that should be very easy for you to do.

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